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Parallels Boot2docker Vagrant

Setup DevEnv to running boo2docker through parallels.

My Vagrantfile

Add your ~/.bash_profile. Your docker client connect to docker server.

export DOCKER_HOST_IP=$(cd ~/PATH/TO/DEVENV/tools/boot2docker;vagrant ssh-config | sed -n "s/[ ]*HostName[ ]*//gp")
export DOCKER_HOST="tcp://${DOCKER_HOST_IP}:2375"

Add your /etc/exports

/PATH/TO/DEVENV/ -alldirs -mapall=501:20 -network -mask

Set network of parallels

$ prlsrvctl net set Shared --ip --dhcp-server on --dhcp-ip --ip-scope-start --ip-scope-end

Start VM

$ vagrant up

Halt VM

$ vagrant halt

Destroy VM

$vagrant destroy


The forwarded port to 2375 is already in use on the host machine.

$ prlsrvctl net list

remove rule with port 2375

$ prlsrvctl net set Shared --nat-tcp-del tcp2375
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